Sunday, November 18, 2012

7 Day Kickstart WI Results

So I survived the 7 Day Kickstart Plan from JMBR, it was a little tough sine I was at about 1000 calories per day and it's most difficult on the weekends. I'm looking forward to upping the calories to 1200 for the rest of the 90 days since I was starting to feel a little weak during bootcamp.

Well the hard work paid off this week. I weighed in at 195.8 that's a lost of 4.8 lbs this week! :) woot woot!
SERIOUSLY!! My next weigh-in will include a fresh pedicure pic. jeez Jury, get it together! LOL

I have to say... last week's WI was TOM and there wasn't much movement on the scale and I'm thinking maybe that's why it's such a significant loss this week. I know this much can't be expected every week. With that said, I'm still super happy to be back in the 190's and 5 lbs from my lowest. WE'RE BACK baby!! hehe.

Have a great weekend :D


Michelle said...

YAY!!! Well done!!! I really need to get on top of the diet part. I think it's pretty good but if the scale's not moving, I guess it needs to be better.

Michelle said...

Jury!!!! So my friend's daughter was doing a magazine fundraiser for school and I subscribed to Runner's World. My first issue arrived today and as soon as I saw the headline "REAL RUNNERS", i knew!! I flipped right to that section and there you are!!! So exciting, you look great!!