Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where has August gone?

How is it September already?!
First off, I completed my 2nd Half Marathon a few weeks ago. Sadly it was not as enjoyable as the first due to the weather, it was BRUTALLY HOT! I knew it was going to be a tough run right off the bat, my leg cloth in the right leg was acting up and had been swelling a bit also I hadn't fully broken in my new running shoes and my right foot was numb and in pain from mile 1 to mile 4, I actually considered dropping out I didn't think I would be able to finish with that amount of discomfort. I kept telling myself to just try to catch up with someone from my running club, I finally did and it gave me a little boost, and so I continued that until I was able to pass up a few. This was by far the hardest run I have ever had!! The last 2 miles were uphill so that only hurt my chances of a PR but at that point I didn't even care about the time, I just wanted to get to the finish, collect my medal and get out of the heat!!
I feel I mentally struggled more than I ever have while on a run but I was really proud that I didn't give up and I felt that the medal was truly deserved!
Here we all are....
                                                              And with the Hubs...

The following week I was off to Jamaica for some R&R.. Woohoo.
We headed out for a lovely week vacation, I had an amazing time with my husband. This was actually the first time I've been out of the country :D (well, I don't count Mexico cause it's my 2nd home).
We spent our week at RIU Ocho Rios, what a great resort, beautiful beaches and so much green landscapes in Jamaica. I highly recommend visiting this country!
The only negative is that it was all-inclusive and I developed diet amnesia! I'm a little dissapointed that I went a little crazy! I actually packed my gym clothes and had plans of continuing on but only worked out once.
I came back to a 5lbs gain! ouch ouch yes but I fully deserve them and I'm ready to get back to work!

                                         The view from our room: SO BEAUTIFUL
                               Visited Nine Mile: Where Bob Marley was born and grew up.

                                                   Crystal clear waters

                                                    Dunn's River Falls

I also just started school again  - Interior Design, my dream career!
As you can see, it's been a crazy hectic and super FUN month - my excuse for being away from the blogging world so much lately but as I re-focus on my weigh loss efforts, I vow to be more present.. I miss this community and all the positive help it's been.

Goals for September:

Blog once a week
Lose 8 lbs
Resume running schedule and tracking.


Michelle said...

Diet amnesia!! Ahahahaha!! Jamaica is no place for a diet. I firmly believe that. Love both your bathing suits, especially the turquoise one.

Awesome job on the half! I swear the runs we have the most trouble with are many times the ones we're most proud of finishing!

Thanks for the comment! Welcome back!

Jessica said...

Loved the pics from your trip! Congrats on the half!!

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

Great job on the half! I'm impressed!

We stopped at Ocho Rios on our cruise this year. The port was terrible. But we'd like to go back and explore the more beautiful parts of Jamaica.