Thursday, August 2, 2012

Longest run EVER... for me anyway!

Things are well -  still training for my next half, working out, playing softball, getting ready for school to start in September, counting down the days for my vacation!! :D All in all, it has been a great summer thus far, last week I did the longest run I’ve EVER done, it was quite the accomplishment for me. 14.5 MILES!! This is the 2nd last of our long training runs, the half marathon is in 3 weeks and I’m anxiously waiting for Taper! Haha.
It was a tough course, lots of hills and while it wasn’t sunny, it’s was definitely humid.
Unfortunately last week I tried to lowe my carb intake so I can see a nice change on the scale and while it did a bit my performance suffered. Around mile 7 I was feeling depleted, luckily I have an awesome running group that setup quite a few hydration stations and station # 2 at the top of what seemed Mt Everest!! Ha, really it was less than a ¼ mile up that hill… was a station filled with a runner’s buffet.. nuts, ultima, pb&j finger sandwich, oranges and bananas.
I took a pb & j and it was EXACTLY what I needed. CARBS!!!
That kept me going and luckily the last 2 miles was on a downhill (my FAVE) Unfortunately my nike+ decided to die a with a little less than a mile to go.. BOO!!
As you can see, I was a little all over the place.

(I'm on the right) blurry pic but you get to see that downhill - While I love coming down that hill, I certainly don't like running, rather walking it up!

I’ll be back to do a race re-cap soon, hope you’re all doing well.


Michelle said...

awesome job!!! Don't you just hate when the technology dies?? I always feel like I didn't get credit for it, haha. I was watching the women's marathon this morning for the Olympics and the commentators were talking about how much they run and train and that taper week for them is still about 150. I don't remember if they said miles or km's but really with a number like 150, does it freaking matter???

Way to stick with the training and enjoy the taper week!!

Michelle said...

Has your half passed yet?