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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Well, I actually had a pretty great week… I started the 30DS on Tuesday and have been doing it every single day (except for Saturday, which is my long run day)
I’ve been working out hard! Seriously, I woke up early to do the shred one of the days, did a bootcamp during lunch, went lap swimming – most days were hardcore like this. I was feeling great – On Saturday I managed to complete a 10.5 mile long run and I stepped on the scale this morning and I saw a 197.2 staring back at me!! WTH I don’t get it.. I’ve been working so hard – I only used up 20 of my WP and actually had 119 points from Activity that I didn’t even touch.. Yes I allowed myself 1 slice of pizza and some chips during the weekend but nothing too crazy.
ARGHHHH!!!!! Sometimes I feel like giving up, I don’t understand, is my scale broken? NOPE the one at works reads the same…Yeah yeah yeah, you look better, clothes fits nicer but that DAMN # is the bane of my existence, maybe I need to throw the scale away!


Michelle said...

Wait - is this a gain or staying the same?? Honestly, don't be discouraged. This is what I find with exercise, if I'm busting my butt cardio-wise, I'll lose. If I add the strength training, I stay the same or even GAIN (!) for the first week or two. I bet that's all it is. Or maybe a little water retention. You're doing great!

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

Wow, that's some serious working out!! maybe you're not eating enough with all of the working out?

Almost There said...

My trainer told me to never weigh myself if I'm sore, because I'll be holding onto water weight and it will be deceiving. Maybe that's the case? Either way, if you're doing everything right, and its only been a week, you will see the results next week I' sure. Don't sweat it. (well... sweat, lots of it) ;)

Jordie said...

It's always good to allow yourself some 'treat' food :) and don't worry too much about the scales, mine was stuck on the same weight for 3 months, yet my body was noticeably different. Do you ever measure? Maybe you should try that instead of weighing? x

Ryan.Perry said...

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