Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!
I'm enjoying getting back in to the blogging groove and catching up on some of my fave blogs. 
So, I'm debating if I should buy a bib on craigslist for a sold out race.
Have any of you ever done this?
It’s for a mud run that I did last year, I thought I didn’t really want to do it this year but in
Trying to keep up with my goal of going back to last year’s races and kicking my butt….
Decisions, decisions.
I’ve been feeling crappy the last few days due to tom, can’t wait for this sucker to leave and I can get back to work,
I had a 4 mile run scheduled yesterday which I couldn’t do.
Unfortunately since I take blood thinners, during this time I’m feeling pretty anemic. ARGH I hate it!!!! But I will substitute with a 4 mile elliptical, not my fave but it’s definitely better than nothing and it beats risking a fainting spell out on the road.
It's always hard for me when I stay home and do nothing, the temptations are stronger - I managed to do pretty well, aside from having a little too many pecans ( I'm currently IN LOVE with pecans) but at least it wasn't chips...yes there are chips in my house...Hubby bought them for his lunch. The guy doesn't get that they are my heroin and I'm a recovering junkie! Geez, I'm being really dramatic I know. lol

Tomorrow the SBSS is having their first official picture day! woohoo, I'm super excited!
We're gonna be out on the pier all dolled up in our gear getting photographed by a professional, can't wait to share them. :)

Also, looking forward to another Bikram session over the weekend 
I had to share this pic I saw on my Bikram Yoga studio's facebook page. 


Chica said...

Love the pic! It's so true!

Michelle said...

I have bought a bib for a sold out race before. Here the Running Room has a forum on their website where people looking for bibs and people wanting to sell bibs can post. The race I bought for was totally okay with switching the name when we both contacted them. Some don't. If they don't switch the names and that's important to you to have the time under your name, don't bother but if you just want to be part of the action and do the race, go for it!

Love that poster. I need to get it big for my wall. And my cubicle and my car, and a little one on my night stand to get me out of bed . . . I think you get the idea.

safire said...

Love that picture! I've never done Bikram Yoga but I do yoga in my bedroom. Our A/C was broken the last two weeks and it felt like I was sweating a lot more :)

It's smart to listen to your body and not over-exercise! I hate it too when I miss something I planned on doing but I'm sure your body will thank you !