Monday, May 21, 2012

Navy’s Bay Bridge Run and some realizations

Ok so it’s been a while since I posted. DAMMIT! I’m a yo-yo blogger lol.
A quick update. -- (well turned out to be not so quick.)

Yesterday I completed the Navy’s Bay Bridge Run – the tagline: "Your only chance to cross the Coronado bridge on foot"

I actually completed this race with the hubby last year, it has a great view of the marina, Coronado Island, and the San Diego skyline, unfortunately hubby was reluctant to run it with me this year. He’s over the running thing, I wonder if I talk about it way too much and he’s sick of it! Oops hehe. but he was still there for support (forced support - he didn't want to get up early! LOL

In keeping with my goal of going back to races I did last year and try to beat my time.
So far it’s been good, last month I was able to improve my time by a little short of 8 mins off a 5K, this one had me a bit nervous because it has a steep hill at the start of the bridge and because frankly I’ve been lagging in the hill-training department. I’ve finally been back at it consistently with the workouts and the runs but it’s been a little difficult after having taken 1 month and a half off!
Also yesterday was a 4-miler. I did end up coming in at just about 8 mins again, my finishing time was 50:41 where as last year I came in at :58:51 so I improved by exactly 8 mins 10 secs. Woot woot!
However, this is bittersweet.
When I joined my running group I was really excited, they pushed me to do my first double digit run EVER!! I’m not sure I would have been able to complete my first half marathon if I hadn’t joined and “followed” -the training schedule. I use that term very loosely, I used it as a general idea.
After having some car problems and not going consistently I started to derail a bit. When I finally re-joined them they were in the middle of training for another HILLY half marathon that I wasn’t going to be completing because after all I HATE hills! I think I even muttered the words “ I hate hills and I refuse to do something I don’t like” I actually thought that I was standing up for myself. Ha!
I did go cheer them on for such said Half Marathon and I had a blast, it was nice to still be a part of it... but you know what I ALSO felt….REGRET! BIG FAT regret.
Girls that were finishing their FIRST Half Marathon, and a very HILLY one at that in great times!!!! Girls that had started off just like I had, slow and hating hills, but they followed the training anyhow and were reaping the benefits.
UGGGHHH!!! I can’t believe I talked myself out of that training because I wasn’t going to be forced to do something I didn’t like! Why do hills when I could be at home watching True Blood drinking some beers?!!!! WOW – didn’t even see it coming, my old mentality of quitting and giving up slowly creeping in and I didn’t even realize it! Sneaky B*%@H!!!
In the last few weeks, I've rejoined the group and I'm committed - 100% this time!
I've been doing a few runs here and there, no more than 5 miles, gearing up for the start of another training session.

Well, week one of the new training starts today! 13 weeks until our next Half Marathon!!!! & I plan on doing every single run on that schedule! Rain or shine – I vow to stick with it and reap those benefits!!! I believe, I KNOW I can do it! It's not always going to be easy, I'm not going to feel this motivated everyday but I WILL DO IT!!!!

Yes I still want to lose weight, I still want to be a certain # on the scale, I still want to use a certain size!
But frankly I’m tired of tracking everything on WW,  tired of feeling guilty whenever I have a couple more points here and there.
I frankly don’t know if I’m going to continue to weigh myself every single week and deal with the emotional rollercoaster!
I’m going to spend these next 13 weeks dedicated to running, training and eating healthy & clean! Doing what I know works! 

Wish Me luck! :D


safire said...

Congratulations with the run! How nice to have a partner join you :D

My bf has been training and trying to improve on his endurance

Michelle said...

Sweet post!!! I totally get what you're saying about all of it. The Regret -- I stopped running from a sprained ankle but not starting again was all me and my old running club went to Fargo for the weekend for the marathon and I'm so sad seeing all the facebook pics and updates. I should have been there. I totally get about WW and the scale too. Makes me angry. I'd much rather work out more (hopefully) and watch what I eat mentally at this point. Maybe WW will be in the future again but I'm thinking not.

Shoni said...

Great race recap! Congrats on finishing and your weight loss. That is awesome!

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