Sunday, April 1, 2012

Don't you just love Sunday race mornings? The Carlsbad 5000 Re-cap

Didn't get a lot of good pictures this time (hubby had a hiccup with the camera today) I was dissapointed for a minute but oh well. :/
Today was the Carlsbad 5000 - A race I participated in last year, actually it was my worst race ever!! *timewise. Last year I finished in 42:57 and was among the last few people to finish UGH!!
I really hated the feeling and it was definitely a blow to my running confidence, especially since I had a few people that came to cheer me on. A Big goal this year was to go back to that race and do really well.

Waiting for the gun to go off :D
I didn't prepare much for it, I had been struggling with any king of training the last 2 weeks, I was little burnt out after my half marathon & this week had been hectic too. We purchased a new car YAY and were apartment hunting also YAY! So I hadn't really focused on running and only ran once in the last 10 days.. ahhhhh!! Also it was TOM and I was feeling yucky last night. Anywho I pumped myself up this morning, had the usual breakfast routine and headed out. It was a chilly morning but since my age group started at 9:30 am it was perfect a perfect Southern California day by then :)
Part of the course is Ocean view and Carlsbad is just a lovely place!
I'm in this picture towards the's nice to not be at the end of the pack.

Today I finished in 34:58 WOOHOO!!! I definitely PR'd, this is my fastest 5K to date and I improved my time from last year, it was 1 second short of 8 mins faster. WOOT WOOT, another non-scale victory I can cross off my list.

 "Go back to last year's race and kick my butt" Mission accomplished, I'd said I smoke myself. hehe.
That's me to the left in hot pink and turquoise (chip time was actually 34:58)
 "Go back to last year's race and kick my butt" Mission accomplished, I'd said I smoke myself. hehe.

All in all a great race! It has a couple rolling hills, nothing crazy at all, the view of the ocean is always nice plus. It's an out and back course that has the finish line to your right at about 2.2 miles so while it is a teaser it's also a boost knowing you're that close to the finsh and as you turn the corner to the finsh line you can see all the spectators and it's a short decline so sprinting to the finish is always fun.

This is going to become a yearly race for me, I will come back next year and try to improve again.
Hope you all have a lovely Sunday :)


Ro said...

WAY TO GO! a Very nice improvement on that time and it looked to be SO much fun :-)
have a Great week!

Michelle said...

Nice! Way to leave yourself in the dust!