Monday, March 26, 2012


So everytime I come on here to do a post, I neglect again for another 2 weeks! I'm really stuck in a rut right now I feel.
I think I really need to re-vamp things, find something new and exciting and get back on the wagon.
Not that I've exactly fallen off the wagon, but I've been struggling a bit. I was not good this week, I worked out only 2 days and ate alot of bad stuff this wknd (Hubby's birthday) the quantity was kept under wraps but the quality was bad. All junk food and beer! argh. Most of all I hate the guilt that follows, it's not even worth splurging if I'm just gonna feel bad about it.
I'm also having a hard time with this running club I'm a part of, all the girls are super nice but it may not be for me (I'll disclose more later) maybe I just do better on my own, maybe once I feel I'm obligated to show every single Saturday morning at 6am takes the fun out of it. Maybe I'm just being a little negative lately..
Tomorrow is a new day and a new week and I really need to get back to blogging on a regular basis to keep me accountable!

I weighed in at 193.5 this week, so I gained 3 lbs. argh!!! (TOM but still)

Goals for this week.
Blog 3-4 times this week.
Work out at least 5 days this week
Make a decision about the running club
Drink lots of water


Michelle said...

Maybe it's an after-marathon funk. I hit that. I did run club & clinic up to the half, then told myself I was just going to take a break for a couple weeks. Ended up being two months and then I twisted my ankle in a fall. I just started to resent having to run and how much time it took up. I wish I'd taken a step back but just run some short runs a couple times a week to stay in it but not full-on like I was training.

Track Track Track! :)

Kat said...

I've been having a really tough time of it too. Case in point, just ate a bag of chips (BIG bag) for breakfast. For some reason once I hit below the 160 mark all my will power went away.

I think noticing that you're in a rut is the first step to getting out of it. I will try too.