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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Juicing it Up! Progress ahead..

I’ve been wanting to give this a go for some time now and this past weekend I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (not knowing it was actually a documentary about juicing). This film really just spoke to me, yes I want to lose weight obviously but I also want to be healthy! Want to feel light and clean and give my tummy a break so I decided to jump in.
Had my hubby watch with me and he was supportive – we got to watching a couple others.. Hungry for Change, Fork over Knives and we were shocked! I’ve been such a sucker for “fat free”, “No sugar” processed products and I also never paid much attention to the effects animal products have on us. Am I Going vegan or vegetarian? Hmm prob not – is there such a thing as 50% vegan? But I really do want to eliminate processed foods. Yes, they taste yummy in the moment. But now that I’m getting older, let’s face it, the momentary taste outweighs the consequences, the weight gain, the tummy issues, the overall feeling of yuck!
You know there are rare things in life that come along and really SHAKE you! The Secret was one of them and I have been a much more positive person ever since, and this was another eye-opener for me.

So I decided to try Juicing, I'm going to try a 10-day Detox.
I started Sunday night, today is my 2nd full day on it and I’m feeling pretty good – not as hungry as I imagined I would be, I’m craving certain things but not because I’m hungry, just because it’s been my routine for so long. My coffee and oatmeal because that’s what I’ve done every morning for the last year or so, coffee was what I was most afraid of, the withdrawls are giving me a bit of a headache.
It really seems like the combinations and recipes are endless and quite tasty! I made a kale, spinach, white melon, strawberries, apple, mandarin and it was delicious!!
I will try this detox and once I’m done I’d like to continue juicing for a breakfast and the occasional meal when I’m on the run.

Day 2 and I’m down 2 lbs - I know I have to be careful coming off it and make sure I keep eating very healthy & clean to NOT gain it back. So far, I have not experienced any drops in energy. Although, I’ve also read days 2-5 are the toughest, *keeping my fingers crossed*.

On another note, I’ve continued my Half Marathon training and it’s going really well – it was time to get over my fear of hills and have been incorporating it into my training. I’ve found it’s actually helping my speed (on flat of course) hehe

Wanted to show my latest progress pic – this is at 58 lbs down from my SW back in 2010, sometimes it takes a while and you’ll hit major bumps in the road but you have to trust the process!!
For the first time in a very long time, I feel like I’m back! I have the motivation and will power to tackle the 2nd part of my journey!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year! NYC Marathon – I’m IN!!!

This year I don’t have resolutions – I have goals. After all, it’s not problems that need resolving but better yet habits that need to grow stronger.

While I’ve been out of the blogging world for the better part of 2013, I’ve been wanting to return to it. If only I dedicate half the time I dedicate to facebook you should start hearing a lot from me!

I’m happy that while 2013 was a year where I feel off the wagon intermittently I managed to not get out of control. Between May and October I left running completely, I started playing flag football and softball so I still kept somewhat active. I did try to go back to it from time to time and couldn’t believe a mile could hurt so much – this girl had ran up to 14 miles in 2012 and was now struggling with a mile. I did complete a Half Marathon earlier in the year and a 5K here and there but I had officially put my running on the back burner.

It wasn’t until my sis-in-law announced she was doing a half-marathon in 2014 (a non-runner) that has really gotten into fitness yay! (oh oh she might become half marathon addicted) hehe; It hit me… I MISS RUNNING!!! And off I went, started up again in November and haven’t stopped. It took a little getting used to it, the first couple runs hurt but it’s like learning to ride a bike again, you never really forgot!
I’m actually faster than before and last week I completed a 7.5 mile run so I’m getting back to it for sure.

The biggest motivation for me this year is that I finally was accepted to the NYC Marathon, I’ve been denied 3 years in a row through the lottery so the 4th time is guaranteed – (this is actually the last year this option is being offered) so I barely made it in!! whew!

I’m going to be making a ton of NYC posts during the year I’m sure.
So 2014 is the year I conquer the MARATHON!!!!! I’m already signed up to 3 half-marathons and 1 ten-miler this year too, so no excuses!

2014 Goal is to be the best runner I can be :)

Happy New Year!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Out of hibernation...

Such a long time has passed since I last posted.
I needed a break from the blog world, from "dieting" from weight loss talk, from weighing in..... For so long I have just had enough of always worrying about my weight, always thinking about it. Does it ever end?
The answer is... NO! weather I engage in it or not, whether I talk about it or not, it never ends or goes away, simply because I am not content with where I am. (weight, and image wise) and ignoring it doesn't help either.

I stepped on the scaled a few weeks ago and confirmed what I already knew...I gained a few lbs, 10 lbs from my lowest.. Considering how the last 8 mths have been (slacking on exercise and eating badly on the wknds and slowly reverting to old habits had caught up with me).
The thing that has saved me from gaining more is playing flag football, I started up a team and it's such a great workout.

Something happened and I can't pinpoint exactly what it was in the last month but I've had enough - I have been waiting to find the motivation I found in 2010 when I started this weight loss journey and it's finally returned.
I have reverted to good eating habits and daily exercise for the last 3 weeks and it's paying off.
I've been on the "plateau" for way too long and I'm ready for the 2nd half to really take off.

I hope I still have some followers on here and look forward to catching up on your journeys :)

Today's weigh-in was 195.2 (-2) this week.

Also completed the Chargers 5K today, was so much fun to be back out there!! My official time was 39:06, 4 mins slower than my best time, but given that I've been off the wagon for some time not too shabby.
I'm excited to be back at it.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

7 Day Kickstart WI Results

So I survived the 7 Day Kickstart Plan from JMBR, it was a little tough sine I was at about 1000 calories per day and it's most difficult on the weekends. I'm looking forward to upping the calories to 1200 for the rest of the 90 days since I was starting to feel a little weak during bootcamp.

Well the hard work paid off this week. I weighed in at 195.8 that's a lost of 4.8 lbs this week! :) woot woot!
SERIOUSLY!! My next weigh-in will include a fresh pedicure pic. jeez Jury, get it together! LOL

I have to say... last week's WI was TOM and there wasn't much movement on the scale and I'm thinking maybe that's why it's such a significant loss this week. I know this much can't be expected every week. With that said, I'm still super happy to be back in the 190's and 5 lbs from my lowest. WE'RE BACK baby!! hehe.

Have a great weekend :D

Thursday, November 15, 2012

just a quickie .. Day 4 of JMBR

Day 4 of the 7 Day Kickstart plan of Body Revolution. Well, this phase is a bit intense! Calories are around 1000-1100 for the first 7 days and then off to the normal plan which is about 1200 calories. I’m actually adjusting pretty well so far although, the weekend is my worst enemy so we shall see. I haven’t felt this good in a long time so I want to keep it coming! :D

The bootcamp at work is almost to an end L I love being pushed to do more – well I don’t love it in the moment, but I’m always happy I did it once it’s over. I need to be sure to keep the workouts going once it’s over, I’ll start bringing the JMBR to do at the gym.

Lunch this week has been similar to this:
Chicken Breast, Brussels Sprouts, hardboiled egg. There was more of it but I forgot to take the pic before eating! 
It’s actually quite satisfying! I had forgotten how much I had let myself cheat in the last few months.

Be back for a weekly recap this wknd :D
Have a good one.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Sunday Weigh-In

I'm finally back for an actual Sunday weigh-in and I've posted 3 times this week! sweet, that hasn't happened in TOO long!
So WI: 200.2 lbs this week - that's a loss of (-1.2), it's a step in the right direction :D
Pedicure needed asap! lol
 I reached most of my goals for the week, which were to get back on track, workout 7 days (I did 6), blog at least twice, weigh-in only once..& I'm happy with my improvements this week.

I'm super excited I got my Body Revolution kit on Friday, gave me the weekend to go over all the literature
- I'm planning on following the meal plan as much as I possibly can and I tried the first workout on Saturday, it wasn't as tough as I thought it would be *but I've been doing bootcamp everyday for the last 2 weeks so I'm sure that helped AND.... I'm sure it will get much more challenging as the workouts progress.
I will be doing frequent posts about this program, can't wait to see some amazing results!
There is a 7 Day Kickstart Plan (if you so chose to being with this) The meal plan and is pretty STRICT and calls for 2 workouts a day ahhh!!! But I'm starting tomorrow! :D Wish me luck!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Finally back on the bandwagon...

So things are swinging along much better this week, I’ve managed to get 5 days of activity in so far thanks to the bootcamp at work. I knew I just needed to commit to something (paying $$ for it makes it even harder to throw in the towel) This bootcamp lasts 21 days – that’s how long it takes to form the habit, gosh I had missed it!! It hasn't been easy, but I love the feeling once I'm done.
Also, a few weeks ago I ordered the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, the 90-day program and it was delivered yesterday. I’m really excited to start this and I want to fully commit and see some CHANGES! By the other Jillian Michaels workouts I've done in the past, I don't expect it to be easy at all but I know her workouts do work!!! Really, really excited about it. I’ll be doing some progress reports, prob 15 days, 30 days, 45, etc stay tuned...

On another note: The reason I’ve been so absent from this blog is school…finally on my way to becoming an Interior Designer, I FREAKIN’ Love it!!!
I’m especially loving drawing class, who knew -  I don’t complete suck!! J
Here is a little work in progress…

And a few weeks late for my halloween recap but a little share -  took advantage of my modern art history class and put it to good use.. Here I am as Friday Kahlo, it was so much fun to dress up as her – hubby dressed up as Diego Rivera and we got “best costume” trophy, fun fun!

until next time folks. =D

Monday, November 5, 2012

Well well well...

Look who decided to make a new post.. Frankly – I had been trying to avoid making a post for quite some time because I haven’t wanted to accept reality or rather come up with excuses!
Truth is, I miss my blog, I miss the motivation and inspiration that I get from reading up on everyone’s progress.
Yes, I’m busy, much busier than I’ve ever been.. between full time school and full time work I have completely neglected my blog and my new “lifestyle” or should I say “old lifestyle”?

So many new  things have changed, I started school for one – which I absolutely LOVE!! Interior Design has been a passion of mine for so long and I’m finally pursuing it! (more on that later) I had leave my running group because I simply didn’t have the time or energy to get up really early on Saturday mornings! And I wanted to get back to running on my own terms but truthfully, I miss that group and the motivation and I’ve been SLACKING!!
Slacking with the running, with the eating on point, the working out consistently etc, etc, etc,
In the last few weeks I’ve been hating myself for letting my old habits creep back in and the truth… I’ve GAINED!!! 9 lbs!! is it a lot? Maybe not, but when it takes months to lose them.. YES, it’s a big deal, mostly because if it’s 9.. it can be 30 in no time unless I do something NOW!

It's hard to admit defeat you know? I did so well for a long time that I didn't think I'd hit such a big bump along the road. I spent the whole weekend moping around about it, depressed, angry, dissapointed.. You know what? I made mistakes it happens, instead of feeling sorry for myself – I’m going to do something about it!

I had signed up for Bootcamp at work again – 21 days straight to create the habit and I’m doing it again! I need to stop making excuses and get back into it.
This blog was such a big part of my success in the past and I need it again so I plan to make it a part of my routine again.

Goals for this week:

Work out 7 days this week
Keep my calories under 1400 per day
Blog twice this week (exciting update about the Runner’s World shoot)
Don’t weigh in more than once.

For accountability's sake.. I weighed in yesterday at 201.4 - YES, it starts with  a 2!!! ARGH!! I had promised myself it would never be a 2 again.. :(

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You know that issue of Runner's World?

The Readers Issue from last December 2011.. Where they feature "Normal" runners...

Drum roll please......I was a finalist! I'm still shocked that they picked me!Sometime ago I received an email from RW - that I assume was sent to all their subscribers asking to share their story and submit a photo.. I remember thinking, "what are the odds" but decided to give it a shot anyways. I sent them my info and just put it aside in my mind. I came back from vacation to find an email from RW letting me know I had been selected!I'm so freakin' excited! and nervous and scared and happy!! and unfortunately yes, also self-conscious about how I will look in a magazine, after all I haven't reached my ultimate goal! I'm only but half way there! I have to remind myself that I may not be there yet but darn it, I've worked HARD to get to where I am now and I deserve it and I plan to enjoy it! Most importantly this has given me the motivation to keep working hard to reach my goal, the motivation I had been lacking in the last few weeks! On a side note: I've managed to lose the 5 lbs I gained while on vacation. I'm ready to keep up this momentum.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where has August gone?

How is it September already?!
First off, I completed my 2nd Half Marathon a few weeks ago. Sadly it was not as enjoyable as the first due to the weather, it was BRUTALLY HOT! I knew it was going to be a tough run right off the bat, my leg cloth in the right leg was acting up and had been swelling a bit also I hadn't fully broken in my new running shoes and my right foot was numb and in pain from mile 1 to mile 4, I actually considered dropping out I didn't think I would be able to finish with that amount of discomfort. I kept telling myself to just try to catch up with someone from my running club, I finally did and it gave me a little boost, and so I continued that until I was able to pass up a few. This was by far the hardest run I have ever had!! The last 2 miles were uphill so that only hurt my chances of a PR but at that point I didn't even care about the time, I just wanted to get to the finish, collect my medal and get out of the heat!!
I feel I mentally struggled more than I ever have while on a run but I was really proud that I didn't give up and I felt that the medal was truly deserved!
Here we all are....
                                                              And with the Hubs...

The following week I was off to Jamaica for some R&R.. Woohoo.
We headed out for a lovely week vacation, I had an amazing time with my husband. This was actually the first time I've been out of the country :D (well, I don't count Mexico cause it's my 2nd home).
We spent our week at RIU Ocho Rios, what a great resort, beautiful beaches and so much green landscapes in Jamaica. I highly recommend visiting this country!
The only negative is that it was all-inclusive and I developed diet amnesia! I'm a little dissapointed that I went a little crazy! I actually packed my gym clothes and had plans of continuing on but only worked out once.
I came back to a 5lbs gain! ouch ouch yes but I fully deserve them and I'm ready to get back to work!

                                         The view from our room: SO BEAUTIFUL
                               Visited Nine Mile: Where Bob Marley was born and grew up.

                                                   Crystal clear waters

                                                    Dunn's River Falls

I also just started school again  - Interior Design, my dream career!
As you can see, it's been a crazy hectic and super FUN month - my excuse for being away from the blogging world so much lately but as I re-focus on my weigh loss efforts, I vow to be more present.. I miss this community and all the positive help it's been.

Goals for September:

Blog once a week
Lose 8 lbs
Resume running schedule and tracking.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Longest run EVER... for me anyway!

Things are well -  still training for my next half, working out, playing softball, getting ready for school to start in September, counting down the days for my vacation!! :D All in all, it has been a great summer thus far, last week I did the longest run I’ve EVER done, it was quite the accomplishment for me. 14.5 MILES!! This is the 2nd last of our long training runs, the half marathon is in 3 weeks and I’m anxiously waiting for Taper! Haha.
It was a tough course, lots of hills and while it wasn’t sunny, it’s was definitely humid.
Unfortunately last week I tried to lowe my carb intake so I can see a nice change on the scale and while it did a bit my performance suffered. Around mile 7 I was feeling depleted, luckily I have an awesome running group that setup quite a few hydration stations and station # 2 at the top of what seemed Mt Everest!! Ha, really it was less than a ¼ mile up that hill… was a station filled with a runner’s buffet.. nuts, ultima, pb&j finger sandwich, oranges and bananas.
I took a pb & j and it was EXACTLY what I needed. CARBS!!!
That kept me going and luckily the last 2 miles was on a downhill (my FAVE) Unfortunately my nike+ decided to die a with a little less than a mile to go.. BOO!!
As you can see, I was a little all over the place.

(I'm on the right) blurry pic but you get to see that downhill - While I love coming down that hill, I certainly don't like running, rather walking it up!

I’ll be back to do a race re-cap soon, hope you’re all doing well.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Well, I actually had a pretty great week… I started the 30DS on Tuesday and have been doing it every single day (except for Saturday, which is my long run day)
I’ve been working out hard! Seriously, I woke up early to do the shred one of the days, did a bootcamp during lunch, went lap swimming – most days were hardcore like this. I was feeling great – On Saturday I managed to complete a 10.5 mile long run and I stepped on the scale this morning and I saw a 197.2 staring back at me!! WTH I don’t get it.. I’ve been working so hard – I only used up 20 of my WP and actually had 119 points from Activity that I didn’t even touch.. Yes I allowed myself 1 slice of pizza and some chips during the weekend but nothing too crazy.
ARGHHHH!!!!! Sometimes I feel like giving up, I don’t understand, is my scale broken? NOPE the one at works reads the same…Yeah yeah yeah, you look better, clothes fits nicer but that DAMN # is the bane of my existence, maybe I need to throw the scale away!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

30 Days minus 2.

So today was day 2 of the Shred, wow! I forgot how crazy hard this workout can be! I hadn't tried it in over a year and I figured hey, I've done a Half Marathon, a couple of 10K's and 2 Triathlons, how hard can this be right? HA!
I love to finish soaked in sweat after only 25 minutes, feels nice.
Today I managed to avoid any bbq's but hubby and I made ourselves some carne asada torta. woops! I had a fruit smoothie for breakfast and cereal for dinner so all was not bad. I also put in a 4.5 mile run this morning.
I actually had a great run, my "fast" pace is usually 11:30 or so and I was averaging 10:46 so while I was pushing it I was happy to do it. What sucks so bad is that when I finished I didn't properly press END on my Nike+ and it recorded as a 14:35 mile pace since I didn't realize until 15 mins or so later.. ARGH!! I hate that but oh well.
Today I was extremely tempted to skip the shred and was contemplating making myself another torta for dinner. Man I'm so glad I didn't cave to my cravings and I can go to bed without a guilt feeling :)
My goal for this week is to lose 2 lbs. I can accomplish this small goal.
I'll keep you posted.
Hope you guys had a good 4th of July :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

30 Day Shred - Back to it.

well, unfortunately weight has been at a standstill these last 2 weeks.
I've decided to do another round of the 30 day shred, it worked before and I'm hoping it'll work again.
I'm putting it out there, I will post some results with pictures after 30 days :)
The good thing about this workout is that it's only 25 mins so getting up 30 mins before my usual time isn't that hard - said after DAY 1 ha.
& If all goes well (which it will) I want to also do ripped in 30 right after.
We are going on vacation at the end of August and this is exactly the motivation that I need.
I also have Half Marathon #2 scheduled for August 19th so I'm still getting my running on.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lose a half marathon

So I ran across RunwithJess's blog and her new challenge to lose a MARATHON or Half Marathon this summer, and I absolutely was intrigued!! I have a Half Marathon at the end of August and also a Carribean vacation so I'M IN!!!
Check it out if you haven't already: Marathon Weight Loss Challenge

Things have been going well lately, I had mentioned in my previous post that I was joining Jenny Craig, well that didn't last very long - Unfortunately most of the food is processed and I that didn't sit well with me. I did lose a few lbs and have reverted back to points.
At the end of the day, I know WW works!! I just actually have to track what I'm eating!!
So far, so good :)
I've also recently started playing softball with a company team and who knew you get a decent amount of points running after the balls that I fail to catch. (oops happening more than it should). lol

Also started up on my Triathlon training again - we moved into a new place a couple months ago and we have a pool that's right outside our condo and finally warm enough to get in there, this so beats fighting for a lane at the gym, although I do miss the lane markers. I had no idea I swim so off course!!
Lots going on right now - which is why I keep neglecting this blog.

Anybody using the Nike+ app? I've been faithful to them since I started running and I LOVE LOVE LOVE their new layout.

Until next time, hope you're all doing well :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NO, no no no NO!!

I’ve been really thinking about my struggles in the last 6 months.
My BIG problem: portion control, no accountability, this whole time I've been using online tools, apps - too much free reign.
Basically the problem is ME! I do well Mon-Thursday, I lose all willpower on the weekend. I don’t want to blame hubby for my shortcomings but I’ve realized that having been together for 7 years, 5 of which I was completely sedentary, most of your “CELEBRATIONS” & fun activities have always revolved around food. He’s unfortunately, not into the active lifestyle, he by nature doesn’t gain tons of weight no matter what he eats, probably because his job is so active. We are working at finding a happy medium, we need to find another activity we can enjoy together when we have free time – unfortunately he doesn't enjoy swimming, biking, hiking, running, going to the beach…none of those things he enjoys. ARGHHH- need to find something!!! I am however blessed that he is emotionally supportive of all my activities, he's NEVER missed a race, and he's cool with me spending tons of time you can't have it all right?...we're working on a solution and I'm sure we'll find something.

My willpower with food took a dive somewhere along the line, portion control became non-existent, like I was convincing myself that since I’m running so much I can indulge a little – and a little turned into a lot!
With all these tracking programs, they work If you’re honest and you truly track everything, which I obviously wasn’t.. so instead of 1500 calores I was more likely eating close to 2100 – just a guess. Which I guess is okay if you’re active and you just want to maintain but loose? NOPE not happening!!!

I’ve been giving it a lot of thought lately, I remember struggling to get out of the 200’s last year, it took me close to 7 months just hovering around 207-203 lbs and I recall saying that it was proving to be so HARD to get out of the 200’s so that I would NEVER forget how hard I worked at it and that I would NEVER EVER allow myself to get there again! I got out of the 200’s right before my 30th birthday last year and I vowed to never see that # again! That THIS decade would actually be different!
The lowest # I saw on the scale since beginning this journey was an unofficial - aka, not a weigh-in day... was 188 lbs right before my half marathon in March 2012, right after the half, I wanted to take a break from running cause I was a bit burnt out. Well, that break turned into a month and a half of no running at all. My weight had been maintaining as I was still somewhat tracking points, we had moved and I wasn't working but was keeping active with decorating and organizing, shopping, painting, etc. 
Once I got back to work and started my routine I actually started gaining, a pound here and there. I've recommitted and have my activity on track again in the last few weeks. I also quit WW and started tracking my calories. 
Still struggling on the weekends but keeping up. Over the weekend I did a long run and had binge afterwards ahhh!!! That followed by extreme fatigue and slept most of the afternoon. LAME!

Well Sunday I weighed myself and I was SHOCKED!!! It read 199.2!!!!!! I know It’s a small gain from where I’ve been in the last few months, but to me this is CRAZY!!!!!! 
I had promised, swore, vowed, even shouted that I would NEVER NEVER NEVER see the 200’s again!! and here I am .08 lbs away from them??! HELL ‘freakin NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No no no no no!!!!
I’ve joined Jenny Craig. I need help! I need accountability, I need to learn portion control, I need to not rely on counting every single calorie, I need to stop binge eating, I need to lose weight, and I need my motivation and willpower back. I have the upper hand with the exercise but I admit and accept that I can’t do it alone.
I know this program is expensive but I believe this will keep me motivated – I don’t want to spend loads of $$ on food and then eat crap!
I weighed myself this morning and the scale is back down to 196.4 WHEW!!!! So I'm actually down -1 lb from last week's weigh in. 
I know when I saw 199.2 it was partly the binge, the water weight and the end of TOM but that is way too close for comfort. It was a wake-up call, a slap in the face, never settle, NEVER become complacent and FIGHT for what you want!
I will be successful, I will not fail no matter how hard it gets, how much I want to quit sometimes.
Reaching my goal is achievable and most of all I know I can do it.
WOW, sorry for the extremely long post – I needed to put it out there, mostly for myself, I needed to say it “out loud”
 I will be posting my WI's every week and I hope this week will be a good one. 

On another note, this weekend our running club had our first photo shoot – we’re gonna be getting a website which will have our headshots and short bio. Super excited to see how this will turn out.
It was so much fun!!! We took a bunch of pics at the pier/beach, it was a chilly overcast day but I think it’ll look great in the photos :D

Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!
I'm enjoying getting back in to the blogging groove and catching up on some of my fave blogs. 
So, I'm debating if I should buy a bib on craigslist for a sold out race.
Have any of you ever done this?
It’s for a mud run that I did last year, I thought I didn’t really want to do it this year but in
Trying to keep up with my goal of going back to last year’s races and kicking my butt….
Decisions, decisions.
I’ve been feeling crappy the last few days due to tom, can’t wait for this sucker to leave and I can get back to work,
I had a 4 mile run scheduled yesterday which I couldn’t do.
Unfortunately since I take blood thinners, during this time I’m feeling pretty anemic. ARGH I hate it!!!! But I will substitute with a 4 mile elliptical, not my fave but it’s definitely better than nothing and it beats risking a fainting spell out on the road.
It's always hard for me when I stay home and do nothing, the temptations are stronger - I managed to do pretty well, aside from having a little too many pecans ( I'm currently IN LOVE with pecans) but at least it wasn't chips...yes there are chips in my house...Hubby bought them for his lunch. The guy doesn't get that they are my heroin and I'm a recovering junkie! Geez, I'm being really dramatic I know. lol

Tomorrow the SBSS is having their first official picture day! woohoo, I'm super excited!
We're gonna be out on the pier all dolled up in our gear getting photographed by a professional, can't wait to share them. :)

Also, looking forward to another Bikram session over the weekend 
I had to share this pic I saw on my Bikram Yoga studio's facebook page. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Aren't you tired of reading about EXCUSES?

 Seems like the last few months have just been a blog weight loss rollercoaster over here….I can’t imagine why anyone would want to keep reading... Trust me I understand!

While I’d been working out consistently, I’d also been having a BAD relationship with the scale. I didn’t want to admit or come to the realization that I’d been slowly reverting to old habits…a slice of pizza here, a bowl of chips there, a lot of spoonfuls of anything while cooking. A whole lot of guessing when tracking, eating past being full….blah blah, more excuses, excuses, excuses.
BOTTOM LINE – I was allowing myself to cheat and A LOT!!!  Why has this been so hard to admit? I guess I was just lying to myself - thinking that since I was still working out and running then  I hadn’t fully fell off the wagon. And while the activity part of this is important and I am thankful I've kept up with that part of it...a HUGE part of it is to get to MY happy weight and guess what? I’m NOT there yet - not even close!
Obviously what I was doing in the beginning worked and what I had been doing lately was NOT!.. So it makes sense to go back to those things that are proven to work for me.
Why has it taken me this long to realize that? To acknowledge that I need to go back to basics?
Because it isn't easy! Because I've become complacent, because I wanted to make myself believe I could continue to lose weight and still enjoy chips, pizza, etc as long as I'm still running...WRONG! maintain? maybe.. fluctuate? maybe... but certainly not LOSE! HA!

I've been having a couple of weeks and I want to be 100% committed again, I want to fight for what I want!

Here are some of my goals for the month of June:

- Faithfully return to blogging – this was such a HUGE tool for me, support and accountability.
- I will start up with weekly weigh-ins again – NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE again.
- I quit WW (I lost most of my weight just by counting calories & WW didn’t work for ME)
- I have really committed to my running club (I will follow the new HM training religiously)
- I have started trying new workouts (Bikram Yoga)
- I will shoot for 1400-1500 calories daily, at least for now.

I will continue to Run and love it – That is the one thing that I have no regrets about. As I was going back to read my blog, the first couple of posts I wrote about how much I wanted to become a runner again and I did it! I may have failed or slowed down at other things but I am proud of this accomplishment and I will continue to work at it to become better and faster! :}

Last week I weighed myself at 197.4 UGH!!! I had seen a # as low as 188 at one point.. But it's ok, I'm still  out of the 200's and my new goal is to be in the 170's by my next Triathlon in September.
I will resume weekly weigh-ins on Saturdays, beginning June.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A week back on track!

It's been a great week, I decided that I'm going to follow that half marathon training to the T. So far, so good - I worked out every single day this week. Monday I had my first 3 mile run, followed by a 4 mile Hill run on Tuesday, cross training on Wednesday and another 5 mile trail run yesterday. Today is rest day and tomorrow is another 5 miler with group, the next 12 weeks are all more or less the same with the exception of Saturday where we'll gradually increase mileage until we reach 16 miles... pretty excited about reaching that milestone :D
Looking forward to the long weekend hubby and I are planning a hike.

Have a great weekend everyone :) On totally un-related subject, really digging bright colored jeans right now

Monday, May 21, 2012

Navy’s Bay Bridge Run and some realizations

Ok so it’s been a while since I posted. DAMMIT! I’m a yo-yo blogger lol.
A quick update. -- (well turned out to be not so quick.)

Yesterday I completed the Navy’s Bay Bridge Run – the tagline: "Your only chance to cross the Coronado bridge on foot"

I actually completed this race with the hubby last year, it has a great view of the marina, Coronado Island, and the San Diego skyline, unfortunately hubby was reluctant to run it with me this year. He’s over the running thing, I wonder if I talk about it way too much and he’s sick of it! Oops hehe. but he was still there for support (forced support - he didn't want to get up early! LOL

In keeping with my goal of going back to races I did last year and try to beat my time.
So far it’s been good, last month I was able to improve my time by a little short of 8 mins off a 5K, this one had me a bit nervous because it has a steep hill at the start of the bridge and because frankly I’ve been lagging in the hill-training department. I’ve finally been back at it consistently with the workouts and the runs but it’s been a little difficult after having taken 1 month and a half off!
Also yesterday was a 4-miler. I did end up coming in at just about 8 mins again, my finishing time was 50:41 where as last year I came in at :58:51 so I improved by exactly 8 mins 10 secs. Woot woot!
However, this is bittersweet.
When I joined my running group I was really excited, they pushed me to do my first double digit run EVER!! I’m not sure I would have been able to complete my first half marathon if I hadn’t joined and “followed” -the training schedule. I use that term very loosely, I used it as a general idea.
After having some car problems and not going consistently I started to derail a bit. When I finally re-joined them they were in the middle of training for another HILLY half marathon that I wasn’t going to be completing because after all I HATE hills! I think I even muttered the words “ I hate hills and I refuse to do something I don’t like” I actually thought that I was standing up for myself. Ha!
I did go cheer them on for such said Half Marathon and I had a blast, it was nice to still be a part of it... but you know what I ALSO felt….REGRET! BIG FAT regret.
Girls that were finishing their FIRST Half Marathon, and a very HILLY one at that in great times!!!! Girls that had started off just like I had, slow and hating hills, but they followed the training anyhow and were reaping the benefits.
UGGGHHH!!! I can’t believe I talked myself out of that training because I wasn’t going to be forced to do something I didn’t like! Why do hills when I could be at home watching True Blood drinking some beers?!!!! WOW – didn’t even see it coming, my old mentality of quitting and giving up slowly creeping in and I didn’t even realize it! Sneaky B*%@H!!!
In the last few weeks, I've rejoined the group and I'm committed - 100% this time!
I've been doing a few runs here and there, no more than 5 miles, gearing up for the start of another training session.

Well, week one of the new training starts today! 13 weeks until our next Half Marathon!!!! & I plan on doing every single run on that schedule! Rain or shine – I vow to stick with it and reap those benefits!!! I believe, I KNOW I can do it! It's not always going to be easy, I'm not going to feel this motivated everyday but I WILL DO IT!!!!

Yes I still want to lose weight, I still want to be a certain # on the scale, I still want to use a certain size!
But frankly I’m tired of tracking everything on WW,  tired of feeling guilty whenever I have a couple more points here and there.
I frankly don’t know if I’m going to continue to weigh myself every single week and deal with the emotional rollercoaster!
I’m going to spend these next 13 weeks dedicated to running, training and eating healthy & clean! Doing what I know works! 

Wish Me luck! :D

Monday, April 30, 2012

Food log and some Half Marathon cheering

Today was a little better on my way to being back on track, I did manage to dip into my WP by 9 points oops! but at least I tracked everything. I just need to make it up with some activity but waiting tom to leave!! ugh.
I was craving something sweet after a late breakfast and tried some skinny cow ice cream, I had been craving ice cream for a few weeks now but I couldn't bring myself to eat the real thing.

This hit the spot, it's so delicious! It was a hefty 5 pts but I think it was worth it as long as it's not a daily thing. I need to work on getting more veggies and fruits back into my meals.
This was breakfast: 1 egg/1 egg white with veggies, mini bagel with fat free cream cheese, lean turkey sausage, banana & oj. This was so yummy, but now tallying up my pts I think I could've have done with half the bagel or just 1 sausage or no cheese. Tomorrow is another opportunity for better choices.

Yesterday my running club ran another half marathon and I was a part of the cheering squad. This is the 2nd race in a series of 3 races throughout the year where they will qualify for the Triple Crown. It was the La Jolla Half Marathon, I ended up not training for this one partly because I had my half last month and I wanted to take a little break from running after it and plus I hate hills! This was had a BRUTAL hill and many rolling hills. The triple crown is something I definitely want to shoot for next year so I'm glad I was part of the cheering squad to at least get an idea of what to expect. I had a lot of fun cheering all the runners, after having done a race almost every single month for the last year and a half it's nice being on the other side of things.
We were right at mile 7 after that HUGE hill, some people were looking crazy good while others were struggling, but they all were inspring, made me want to get back on the training groove again.
Unlike every race where the team takes 1 or 2 weeks off right after and then starts training for the next, this time there will be no break. I'm so glad, I'm ready to jump back in and start running consistently again and I want to really start being a part of this team.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

getting back on the wagon...

Today was a better day, I hadn't been out to running with the running club for  a while now.
Partly, because during the move (I've recently moved) I had hurt my back and that turned into laziness.
While I was tempted to stay in my warm bed, I forced myself to get up and joine them, since it's only about 2.5 miles away I decided to run there run with them for a mile and run/walk back home. I ended up putting in 5 miles in today. Woohoo!! I love the feeling, now I just need to stick to a schedule and slowly find my mojo. I know that I will!!! I love running, it's really the getting out there.
I've also been off work for a few weeks now and as much as I've enjoyed my time off, I'm also looking forward to the routine, it definitely does help when keeping the food in check.

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Where's the reset button?

Been putting off this post for quite a while now, mostly because I hate accepting defeat.
The last few months have been a struggle, a cycle of good and bad. I remember when I started this blog and this journey I was so pumped up, so determined and so motivitated and when I would read through someone's blog that was struggling I somehow believed that would happen to me! ha! YES, it's happening and rather and create excuses, and denying I have to come clean and admit it.
I've reverted to some horrible habits:
Eating chips, eating fast food, pizza, hot dogs, etc etc. While eating all these horrible foods *well yummy, but horrible the only thing holding me back at least in portion control is my guilt!
I keep telling myself that I'll jump back on the wagon "tomorrow" better yet, on MONDAY! haha what joke that one is.
I keep trying to analyze what's led me back here. I've managed to throw in a little workout here or there but compared to working out 5-6 times a week again, I'm feeling guilty about it. I'm just lacking the motivation, which is the hardest part of this all because I miss the feeling.

In the last 2 months I've been on leave, we moved to a condo and bought a new car, I've been spending alot of time fixing up the condo and I blame that to getting out of the routine of the workouts.
Luckily, I've managed to stay at the same weight of 192-193, so really I haven't gained which is such a blessing!

I've been thinking of going back to basics, back to the things I first started when I began this blog. I'm still halfway to my goal at 50 lbs lost but I kinda want to take a new approach and just feel like I'm starting from scratch at 192 lbs and that my goal is to lose 50 lbs vs thinking ok you need to reach 60 lbs by ..... ?
I don't know if this makes sense, I just need to take the time to right out and admit my struggles mostly just to myself.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Don't you just love Sunday race mornings? The Carlsbad 5000 Re-cap

Didn't get a lot of good pictures this time (hubby had a hiccup with the camera today) I was dissapointed for a minute but oh well. :/
Today was the Carlsbad 5000 - A race I participated in last year, actually it was my worst race ever!! *timewise. Last year I finished in 42:57 and was among the last few people to finish UGH!!
I really hated the feeling and it was definitely a blow to my running confidence, especially since I had a few people that came to cheer me on. A Big goal this year was to go back to that race and do really well.

Waiting for the gun to go off :D
I didn't prepare much for it, I had been struggling with any king of training the last 2 weeks, I was little burnt out after my half marathon & this week had been hectic too. We purchased a new car YAY and were apartment hunting also YAY! So I hadn't really focused on running and only ran once in the last 10 days.. ahhhhh!! Also it was TOM and I was feeling yucky last night. Anywho I pumped myself up this morning, had the usual breakfast routine and headed out. It was a chilly morning but since my age group started at 9:30 am it was perfect a perfect Southern California day by then :)
Part of the course is Ocean view and Carlsbad is just a lovely place!
I'm in this picture towards the's nice to not be at the end of the pack.

Today I finished in 34:58 WOOHOO!!! I definitely PR'd, this is my fastest 5K to date and I improved my time from last year, it was 1 second short of 8 mins faster. WOOT WOOT, another non-scale victory I can cross off my list.

 "Go back to last year's race and kick my butt" Mission accomplished, I'd said I smoke myself. hehe.
That's me to the left in hot pink and turquoise (chip time was actually 34:58)
 "Go back to last year's race and kick my butt" Mission accomplished, I'd said I smoke myself. hehe.

All in all a great race! It has a couple rolling hills, nothing crazy at all, the view of the ocean is always nice plus. It's an out and back course that has the finish line to your right at about 2.2 miles so while it is a teaser it's also a boost knowing you're that close to the finsh and as you turn the corner to the finsh line you can see all the spectators and it's a short decline so sprinting to the finish is always fun.

This is going to become a yearly race for me, I will come back next year and try to improve again.
Hope you all have a lovely Sunday :)

Monday, March 26, 2012


So everytime I come on here to do a post, I neglect again for another 2 weeks! I'm really stuck in a rut right now I feel.
I think I really need to re-vamp things, find something new and exciting and get back on the wagon.
Not that I've exactly fallen off the wagon, but I've been struggling a bit. I was not good this week, I worked out only 2 days and ate alot of bad stuff this wknd (Hubby's birthday) the quantity was kept under wraps but the quality was bad. All junk food and beer! argh. Most of all I hate the guilt that follows, it's not even worth splurging if I'm just gonna feel bad about it.
I'm also having a hard time with this running club I'm a part of, all the girls are super nice but it may not be for me (I'll disclose more later) maybe I just do better on my own, maybe once I feel I'm obligated to show every single Saturday morning at 6am takes the fun out of it. Maybe I'm just being a little negative lately..
Tomorrow is a new day and a new week and I really need to get back to blogging on a regular basis to keep me accountable!

I weighed in at 193.5 this week, so I gained 3 lbs. argh!!! (TOM but still)

Goals for this week.
Blog 3-4 times this week.
Work out at least 5 days this week
Make a decision about the running club
Drink lots of water